About Hidden Roots Maple Farm

We are a small family-owned & operated Maple Farm located at 28 Tufts Lane, Limerick, Maine. Just off of Doles Ridge Road on the Limington-Limerick town line. The Tufts Farm is approximately 220 years old. Since boiling there, we have learned of many folks who have spent time there on the farm over the years. 

We started in 2014 with approximately 20 buckets, making just 1 pint of Maple Syrup that year.


We have since grown to 400+ taps on pipeline as well as almost 100 old fashioned tin buckets on trees. We are a wood-fired operation making our own syrup, candies, and other treats by hand. 


Maple syrup is a rather simple product. Sap from a maple tree is put into a pan and boiled until the boiling point of the sap (now syrup) reaches 7.5 degrees above the boiling point of water. It’s a rather fun and enjoyable process. 

We are always trying to innovate and be creative with our process. We enjoy using old items from the 200-year-old farmhouse that sits on the 80-acre farm. Such as the old ringer washer with pails was how we first washed our filters bags and ring them out. 

We currently have all our taps on a pipeline that is gravity fed into our tanks located at the sugar house. With a few tanks that run gravitationally away from the sugar house, you will see the lines running into our collection tank on Doles Ridge Road.

Shop our products online or locally. Also, open by appointment.

We are looking forward to seeing you!